Monday, October 23, 2006

AGM Meeting

Greetings All!
Welcome (back) to London Met.
Casstration is up and running again, this time with a new recruit, Tim Pratt.

To get things rolling, we are having an AGM (annual general meeting) on Thursday, 2nd November in Room 302 (next to Nico's office) at 5:30pm which will be followed by a trip to The Castle pub.

The aim of the meeting is firstly, to meet as many members as possible, and secondly, to see what it is people would like us to organise this year, although we do have a few things up our sleeves already. A member of the SU will also be present in order to give us official society status.

Hope to see you there
Beth, Charlotte and Tim


Blogger tim said...

As decided during the meeting there would be a democratic system for the allocation of A/V club. This has now arrived and takes the form of a polling form. you can find these forms dotted around the various studios near to the notice boards.

please put a dash next to the day you would like it to be on.

thanks very much.
A/V club information to follow shortly.

12:17 pm  

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