Saturday, August 19, 2006

Opportunity Knocks!

Message from the new Communications Officer

Hello there,
Hope you are enjoying your summer break. I am MontySultan, the new Communications Officer of the Students’ Union andobviously by your vote! I am here to co-ordinate the media section whichwill give me the opportunity to represent your society through thestudent union website, magazine, radio, however you are the one who willbe writing for the magazine, running the radio and designing the website.
The fantastic news is that this year we are going tolaunch metsu web TV which will be in our website. So there is a greatopportunity to work as a part of this through your own production (musicvideo, short film, cartoon or anything worth showing!) In the mediasection even if you are not a media student.
You can also contribute yourself towards the designing ofthe website. So guys it’s the right time to start writing to me aboutany of the media section you are interested to work in. You don’t haveto be very professional but motivated to do this, it will be also verygood for your CV as you will gain experience and we will providecertificate through a ceremony at the end of the semester.
We are currently taking volunteers for the following sections
Website- Designer, Moderator,Web TV- Music video, short films, fun show etc …Magazine-Journalists, photographers, creative designers, art’s students,proofreaders, sub-editorsRadio- DJ, technical hands, studio crew, people interested in live show,As I said, as a society member you can be a part of any of thesections and together we can have fun,I am eagerly waiting for your reply!!
Monty Sultan
Communications Officer
London Metropolitan University Students' Union
Joy Gardner House,
2 Goulston Street,
London E1 7TP
Phone: 020 7320 2223
Fax: 020 7320 2244


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