Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Trafalgar Square - I am a Believer

Reza Aramesh

I am a Believer

Trafalgar Square

Friday 3 March, 1pm and Saturday 4 March, 5pm

I am a believer explores themes of migration, desire and power, particularly their relation to issues of cultural constructs in our society. It is based on the Changing the Guard ceremony and will involve thirty two men - mostly second generation immigrants - choreographed by Tom Dale and the artist using the symbolism and movements of the actual ceremony brought in the middle of Trafalgar Square.

The Big Buzzard Horns band will accompany the piece.

The artist is using a situation based in reality, which he manipulates to such an extent that it becomes intensely dreamlike and unreal by inserting a dialectical process, which based on paradox corresponds to the unstable nature of any culture. In I am a believer he exploits the endless possibilities that lie outside the range of what are usually considered “normal” situations. He is therefore suggesting the ambivalent nature of reality itself.

The use of this particular group of men to re-enact the Changing the Guard ceremony which normally symbolizes the protection of the monarchy, becomes somehow surreal and unbelievable; the fact that is made real opens up other cultural possibilities which are only limited by our imagination. Since we are all members of British society maybe one day this will be the case! Furthermore, it demonstrates what would happen when those who are usually only the spectators of these ceremonies become the ones who carry out these symbolic rituals. Reza Aramesh attempts to disrupt any dogmatic view of culture through the interference of a conceptual impossibility, causing fixed cultural phenomena to inherit unfixed and improbable conclusion.

The performance will be followed by a panel discussion on Saturday 4th March, 6.30pm at the ICA with Maxa Zoller art critic, JJ Charlesworth art critic, and artists Reza Aramesh and Mustafa Hulusi. The panel will be chaired by Vivienne Gaskin, Director of Performing Arts, International Projects and New Media at the ICA.

The project is co-ordinated by Irini-Mirena Papadimitriou

I am a Believer is kindly supported by the Arts Council of England, Sheffield Hallam University and Angels the Costumiers.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Late at Tate this Friday: Goths!

Late At Tate

To tie in with the Gothic Nightmares exhibition currently on at Tate
Britain, Late at Tate Britain on Friday 3rd of March has a gothic feel to

Martin Sexton presents 'New Gothic' which combines music and performance
and features Truth Machine's 'Heraldic Unicorn Lion Grace System',
described variously as 'the high-concept band to end all high-concept
bands' and as a cult religious group by others. The varying members of
this arts collective reportedly all work to a set of instructions cut
from the text of books that vary from hermetic works, theological
mediations to pulp fiction, erotica and maps. Steve Severin (of Siouxsie
and the Banshee's) conducts and provides the sonic soundscape.
Ride up with the Magical Lock-down Dark Pegasus: a Harley-Davidson XL53
custom motorcycle resplendent with blue-black Scottish crow wings and
'pimped' with a DVD monitor as tail-plate, that echoes TE Lawrence's
quote that 'A motorcycle with a touch of blood in it is better than all
the riding animals on earth, because of its logical extension of our
faculties, and the hint, the provocations, to excess'.
Meanwhile, HMC create new visual experiences, as they unleash chthonic
forces with their technological multimedia film noir Rattus Norvegicus.
Musical interference is provided by The @mbassadors, as they tune into a
dark template of pop noir.
And finally, Bauhaus have composed and constructed With Gravity Comes a
Broken Heart, a specially commissioned sound installation for the
evening (http://www.bauhausmusik.com/news/)

Admission free.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Missing Links

If anyone has their own weblob or website, and would like it linked to the Casstration blog, please leave the address on a comment, or email it to us.
B, J & C

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Invited Cinema


all welcome :)

monday feb 20th @ jamm
261 brixton rd brixton

rm1 ... open submission film night

rm2 ... multimedia/sculpture/photography/dance/instilation/bands/paintings ...and on


got an idea ...if you are intrested in showing / performing / installing art work ...etc , send us a message and well work something out

we are very open to suggestions/ideas , the more the merrier in fact , so dont be shy



Thursday, February 09, 2006

Samuel Beckett Season

Better on your arse than on your feet,
Flat on you’re back than either, dead than the lot.

The Barbican is host to a Samuel Beckett centenary season from March to May, I am organising a series of group visits to a play, some films and a talk.
Samuel Beckett's plays and novels, expressing a tragic-comic vision of the absurdity of human existence, have been hugely influential. More relentlessly than any other author he poses the most important question: why are we here? He spent his entire career chipping away at this one question to poignant and hilarious effect. He is an author whose work shares much with visual artists and I think it would be completely appropriate to go and see some of the events in the coming months. Some of these will be subsidised by the union others will be very cheep with our student cards, some of the events have already sold out so I am having to make decisions now!
One talk titled ‘Beckett’s Influence’ will consider Beckett’s affect on writers, thinkers and visual artists and I think this will be useful for many of you. With our student cards it will be only £3 and so I shall not get extra funds for it. However beforehand we should see one of his plays perhaps Endgame or Waiting for Godot. We could also see one of the triple bills of film versions of his plays.

Please let me know if you want be involved so I know roughly the numbers for buying the tickets, and spread the word if you know anybody who would like to have the opportunity; or, if you have any preferences for particular plays.

Have a look at these links if you don’t know who he is or want to have a look at the program of events:

Beckett Barbican
Poem: What is the word
Wikipedia Beckett

Live and clean forget from day to day,
Mop life up as fast as it dribbles away

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Student Union opportunities

The Communications Officer of the Student Union, Maria Gianelli, is looking for students interested in designing promotional posters for union events, and in writing art-related articles/reviews for the Union magazine. The magazine has approximately 2-3 pages of space which can be allocated to the arts, but articles should ideally be 250-350 words in length.

If you are interested in contributing to either of these, please contact Maria via email: communications.su@londonmet.ac.uk